Summertime and Essential Oils Series (Last of the Series)

As Summer winds down and begins to come to a close, I would like to share with you my last blog of this series- Summertime and Essential Oils.

I suspect most of you will enjoy the Autumn weather and the coolness in the air by taking it outside. This is why you need these luminaries in your life!

The luminaries are super easy to make and will keep the pests away, and with an extra-added plus, you can create an ambiance on crisp fall nights while gazing up at the stars, sitting by a fire pit enjoying smores.

I used a fairly cheap decorative bowl that I purchased at the dollar store, but you can use a mason jar (they are all the rage anyway).  I also purchased small floating candles at the dollar store too.

You can make the luminaries- cheap!

Here is what you will need:

2 Mason jars (8 ounces) or 2 decorative glass bowls

20 drops of  lemon-Young Living essential oil

20 drops of lavender- Young Living essential oil

20 drops of cedar wood-Young Living essential oil

20 drops of Thieves blend- Young Living essential oil

10 drops of Citronella- Young Living essential oil

1 lemon sliced

1 lime sliced

Fresh rosemary

1/2 cup of witch hazel or vodka


Small floating  candles

Combine oils first in either a mason jars or glass bowl(s) then add the witch hazel or vodka, add the lime and lemon slices and one fresh rosemary sprig, then slowly add water to fill to your liking. Place the floating candles on top of the water.

There you have it luminaries to keep pests away, and you just created a romantic ambiance too!

Super easy- super cheap! WIN- WIN! Enjoy the outdoors with out pesky pests!


Aren’t they gorgeous?

For the last minute summer time “get out of town before the fall” traveling oils, that you simply would not want to leave home without!

Here is a list of must have oils-

Digize- upset tummy from too many burger stops

Thieves- boost your immunity with this oil, be sure to use it before getting on the plane.

Purification essential oil blend- this oil fights odors in a stuffy car while on a road trip, in a cramped airplane, or hotel room. ( really great for stinky feet- you know when someone decides to take their shoes off in a cramped space- Phew wee! How rude too!)

Use lemon essential oil for a quick pick me up, especially for jet lag.  Use in your water 1-2 drops and be sure it is a glass container!  Citrus oils are detoxing, so it is best not to use Styrofoam or plastic.  The citrus will pull the chemicals into water from the plastic or styrofoam container, making the chemicals readily available to drink, this defeats the purpose huh? Always use glass when using citrus oils.

Deep relief blend, this is a coveted blend that continues to go in and out of stock. It is so good that Deep relief is hard to keep on the shelf.  Deep relief is great for a stiff neck, due to being uncomfortable in a plane or for long journeys in a car.  Deep Relief is also great for a tension headache, when the kids are acting out or to help releive that tension headache you may have received when a baby was screaming on the plane 2 rows back.

Hand purifier, I recommend Thieves.  Yes ! you need this especially while having to stop at a rest area or gas station for a restroom break.  Do not leave home without it!  Thieves does not leave the sticky residue or the alcohol like most other main stream brands do. I love the smell!  I can always smell a hint of rosemary on my hands after using Thieves hand purifier.

What about those flights that are bumpy and full or turbulence, or maybe a flight through a storm? Never leave without Stress away oil blend.   Stress away does just what it is supposed to do, take the stress away.  Seriously one of my favorite smells, this oil blend contains a hint of vanilla essence oil.

I would like to mention the Bon Voyage Travel Pack, Young Living has a pre-made travel pack.  This pack has 10 personal care products that are TSA compliant! The pack includes the following items:

Thieves Aroma Bright Toothpaste

Thieves waterless hand purifier

Thieves dental floss

Thieves mouthwash

Young Living Branded toothbrush

Lavender Shampoo

Lavender Conditioner

Cinnamint lip balm

Morning start bath and shower gel

Genesis Hand and Body lotion

Basically everything one would need to “get away!”

Thanks for sticking with me through the Summertime and Essential Oils Series, I look forward to the Fall season!

Want to learn more about Young living essential oils, how to live above the wellness line and begin the process of supporting your body to function optimally with the help of essential oils? Start here-

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If you purchase a Premium starter kit you will reap the benefits of oily education, a 24% discount on orders because you are a member, access to FREE promotional items, and the opportunity to participate in Young Livings exceptional reward program for even MORE FREE oily stuff!  As an extra added benefit the use of essential oils will support your body and help your body systems run optimally!

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Thank you for visiting and come back for a visit soon!






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