Desayuno, Sunsets,and Mountains Oh my!

Well, it’s over. DONE. Finished. The vacation I have longed for 3 years has come to a close.  I really couldn’t believe how slow it took for the days to board the plane for our departure to arrive in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and then how quickly it was to leave and come back to Texas, back to reality of cat litter box cleanings, meal planning and actual work.

We had a 7 day, all inclusive stay but honestly I don’t think the days of traveling should be counted as a “stay.”  I takes a whole day to travel, get through on-boarding, passport verification, baggage claims and whole lot of waiting, but it is an adventure right? So here we go, I am going to bore you to tears with my vacation and food pictures. (Not really I hope you enjoy this blog post??)

The all-inclusive accommodations were simply amazing! I could not ask for anything more or even better. We stayed at a chain of Pueblo Benito’s Pacifica.

Here is a picture of the resort where we stayed. It was so beautiful, a swim up bar, Armonia spa, several restaurants with the best food, the beach within footsteps from the rooms (we had an ocean view) and an amazing activities center.

pueblo bonito

Cabo is a resort city on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, it is known for its beaches, Lovers Beach (Playa del Amor) and El Arco, a natural archway in sea cliffs.

The terrain here is like nothing I have ever seen except in movies! Traveling from the airport to the resort, the view was simply breath-taking, the Mountains, Pacific ocean on one side, the Sea of Cortez on the other, Cacti that you find in spaghetti westerns  and desert. Oh! Angry trees the trees were so strange they looked so angry, much like the Whomping Tree in Harry Potter (sorry if you are not an HP fan you may not get this reference.)

Here is an “angry tree” this tree is located at the resort, these tress are located throughout the terrain of Cabo, some with leaves, others without, some that looked healthy others looked burned by the sun and the heat. Aren’t they interesting?  Looks angry huh?


The meals we consumed were over the top!

Breakfast consists of a buffet style meal, outside as the sun rose from the East.

We were so lucky to be able to spend a Sunday here in Cabo as our resort had a special Champagne Sunday brunch, a fresh juice bar, baked breads, pastries and a rolling tequila bar. I did the best I could to choose healthy, but Hey! Sometimes it is tough when you are on vacation!


As I said early the terrain is something I have never seen in my life except in movies. This is the cacti Saguaro.  I was amazed by these cacti they grow super tall and the saguaro cactus can serve as a refuge to wild birds found in this region.


See the small, baby Angry trees (actually know as an Elephant Tree) beside the Saguaro?   Cabo has the most diverse ecosystems in the world.  The most fascinating landscapes.

Mountains. Sunsets. Cabo San Lucas has the best I have ever seen!  I tried to make it a point every evening about the same time to capture the sun setting behind the mountains.


Never had I seen such diverse colors, one evening the horizon was lit with  yellow and orange hues, like you see here, and the next evening the horizon was lit with purple with pink hues. I am telling you God’s creation is truly magnificent!

I experienced for the first time the act of climbing a mountain, it took 1 hour and 20 minutes for me to shred the Cerro De La Z mountain.


Best margarita in Cabo San Lucas, Oh it was!

We found this refreshing drink in the market place, right off the marina, in a little store called the Bear cave.  Look at it! The bar tender went as far as making a small sun out of the lime.

margWe ventured into town after visiting the marina and decided to take a water taxi to Lovers Beach. The water taxi dropped us at Lovers Beach and we were able to snorkel, swim and gawk at the sea lions. Yes- sea lions!

Here are some of the pictures from the fun day.

The Arc


The sea-lion showing off in the Sea of Cortez


A trip to the Red Rocker’s famous cantina, Cabo Wabo, the Red rocker has branded tequila and Sammy Hagar’s tequila is famous here. We spent quite a bit of time here, listening to good ol’ Rock and Roll, having 2 for one drinks with chips and salsa.


Well this sums it up, our vacation to Cabo San Lucas it went rather fast,  I am grateful for the time and the opportunity to spend in this beautiful destination.

I would like to add if you a fair-skinned person like myself, make sure you bring a sun burn soother, here is my recipe for sun burn relief, I prepared it before leaving and it was a life saver in evenings after the day spent in the sun.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

If you are trying to decide if you would like to go to Cabo, here is an excellent blog  to help you decide.  Check out







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