Summertime and Essential Oils

Are you ready to learn about Oils and essential oils?

I use Young Living Essential Oils, period.   Why?  Here is my simple reason; because of trust and transparency.

Transparency, trust and seed to seal is what makes Young Living different than any other Essential oil distributor. There is no other oil distributing company that has a seed to seal process, no other company that allows the general public to come to their farms and observe the distillation process.

The founder of Young Living- Gary Young lives by integrity, for example- if a crop that is to be used does not meet the high quality of standards, Gary Young  will not use that particular crop, which sometimes leads to some oils to go out of stock more frequently than others if the high standards of the seed to seal process is not met. Hence Valor going out of stock- Young Living oil users you know what I am talking about!


For more information on Young Living’s Seed to Seal process go here:

My lifestyle is that of a healthy one.  I do my best to live above the wellness line and help support my body to perform its daily functions at the optimal level, essential oils help me do that, it is a lifestyle, a regimen that I rely on and feel it is important, just as much as eating a healthy diet and exercising.

One of my passions is to educate people on Essential oils- I would like to share with you how to incorporate Young Living Essential Oils into your summertime routine.  This is a first blog post of a three part series- in the next two series I will be covering buggy-annoyances, luminaries (how to make them using Essential oils) sun burn relief using Essential oils and traveling with oils.  So be sure to check back for the rest of the blog posts on Summertime and Essential oils.

This series is that of a long winded one- All about water using EO’s. Lets get started!

First let’s start with the importance of hydration-

Water- Hydration is important during the hot summer months.  If our bodies are not hydrated adequately and regular fluids are not consumed during the summer heat it causes problems within our body systems.

Signs and symptoms of dehydration:

Dry mouth







Decrease in urination


The recommended amount of ounces per day is : (8)  8 ounces, 2 liters or half gallon of water per day, this formula used to be a “one size fits all approach” really no single formula can fit everyone, there are so many factors on the “correct” amount of water needed, and the factors that need to be taken into account are health, activity, and your environment.

A more accurate amount to help determine your water daily needs is to use your weight, multiply your weight by 2/3 or 67%, this is how many ounces you will need daily.  If you exercise or do strenuous activity add and additional 12 ounces per every 30 minutes of the activity.  For example if one works out for 1 hour- 12 ounces per every 30 minutes equals 24 ounces extra of water for that day.

You may be asking yourself where do Essential Oil’s fall into place with hydration and water? Consider this, you are getting the benefit of getting hydrated with an added bang!

There are far greater benefits by using EO’s in your water than just hydrating our bodies.

Let’s face it, water can be boring- why not spice it up a bit?

If you are craving flavor in your water why not try adding some Lime essential oil or lemon?

Why not substitute your sugar- filled juices and sodas with “spiked” water using Essential Oils?  By using Essential Oils in your water instead of drinking the designer waters, sodas, and juices that are sugar laden and filled with toxins, try essential oils. By adding essential oils to your water it may help you reduce weight, resist cravings, provide energy, promote clarity and speed up metabolism.

Here are some suggestions of Essential Oils you can add to your water (of course the sky is the limit)

Citrus                    Hots                          The sky is the limit

Lemon                 cinnamon                    lavender

g.fruit                 peppermint                frankincense

lime                    thieves                         spearmint

tangerine         ocotea                           copaiba

citrus fresh

Try these recipes:  For every recipe you will need a water bottle, preferably a 16 fluid ounce or greater water bottle.

  • Just woke up morning recipe: Water bottle 1-2 drops EO Lemon- this will provide energy , alertness and may help to reduce kidney stones.
  • Busy day? Water bottle 2-3 drops lemon, 2-3 drops tangerine this combo supports the anti-inflammatory response

I had garlic for lunch and I need help with energy after lunch blues: Water bottle, 1 drop spearmint, 2-3 drops lemon

Safety and ingesting- Always use a glass water bottle.  Just a FYI glass water bottles tend to be more pricey than plastic.  I found my glass water bottles at discount prices at Marshalls and Starbucks.

The reasoning to always use glass is because citrus oils are considered detoxing, if you use plastic or Styrofoam, the chemicals in the plastic/Styrofoam will leach into your water and you will drink them. YUCK!

If ingesting and new to oils  use 1-2 drops of essential oils, start out slow, do not over-do it.  You could possible send your body into detox mode if you over do this.

Always use 100% therapeutic grade oils (GRAS- generally regarded as safe) such as Young living- do not simply buy your oils at Wally world and expect quality and expect to reap the medicinal benefits of the oil. Most oils that do not have a seed to seal guarantee are filled with toxins, fillers and are not meant to be ingested let alone applied topically to the skin which is the biggest organ of the body and the body’s first protective barrier of defense to pathogens.

Try this Recipe for extra added ZING!

1 fresh lemon- juiced, 1 Lime fresh- juiced  then add 1 drop of Young  Living cinnamon bark, fill the rest of the glass up with water- this is an excellent drink to help with sugar cravings and promote energy.

Want to learn more about Young Living and essential oils start here:

The best place to start with Essential oils is with the Premium Starter Kit


You get 11 essential oils, your choice of a diffuser, sample drams and packets to share with others, seed to seal guide, roller ball filament, an EO magazine and education! Yes my group provides Education- I won’t leave you high and dry!

If you purchase a Premium starter kit you will reap the benefits of oily education, a 24% discount on orders, access to FREE promotional items, and the opportunity to participate in Young Living’s reward program for MORE FREE stuff! As an extra added benefit the use of essential oils will support your body and help it run optimally!

For more information inbox me at

OR You just want to dive right in visit

Come back for a visit to learn more about Summertime and Essential oils in the next blog post about Buggy annoyances and Sun burn relief.







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