50 Things That Make Me Happy

Hello and Happy 4th of July!

I wanted to blog about something fun so I decided to blog about things that make me happy on this holiday.  I am hoping this blog will get you more acquainted with me, introduce you to who I am and give a little sneak peek into my life. After reading this please leave some comments about the things that make you happy in life, I would love to know!  I hope you enjoy this blog post!  Leave me some comments! Enjoy the holiday!

50 things that Make Me Happy!

  1. Family, especially my two daughters. These two make my life interesting; they keep me on my toes, keep me laughing with their wit.
  2. My husband, he is a great guy. He has been by my side through thick and thin, through the good and the ugly. He is the peanut butter to my jelly.  He is a hard worker, a smart- alec that makes me laugh and my best friend.  If ever I want to hang out with anyone he is always my first choice.
  3. Friends, friends are my F.U.N. I have a hand-full of friends that I have had in my life for greater than 1o years or more, I love being with them, the best thing is they “get “me.
  4. Exercise. It is my fuel, I am addicted to it, I am especially fond of how it makes me feel after,  I love the results that I receive after sticking to a plan and reaching my goals. I am a results person.FB_IMG_1467671271836-1
  5. Cancer survivors.
  6. Work @HOME. No commute, no super early mornings, no make-up, pajama’s, if I choose, all day long.  I love being home, since working from home I have found that I am more productive than being in an office setting.
  7. My dog. He is my friend; I think I love him more than he loves me.hansel
  8. The Sun.
  9. Birds. I am obsessed with birds and bird watching. I am still learning how to identify certain birds by markings and sounds. I am obsessed with cardinals and blue jays.
  10. Animals. Bunnies, giraffes, elephants, lions, tigers, bears, oh my! Animals are pure they rely on instinct, I think they are the closest things to angels.
  11. Books! Books! Books! There is just something about stepping into a library that calms my soul, I could just get lost all day in a book! READ all the books, all the books on the planet, I wish that was even remotely possible.
  12. Road trips.
  13. Baking. Baking is therapeutic, unfortunately baking isn’t therapeutic for my waist-line.
  14. Amazon. Amazon has everything; Amazon is my favorite place to go for online shopping. I like to move items to my wish list and on payday I like to love those items to my basket. Holla!
  15. Church.
  16. Payday Friday! Cha- Ching!
  17. Nail polish. Holy cow! You should see my collection.
  18. Pedicures. Particularly hot stone pedicures. Heaven!
  19. Painting. I am a novice at painting; I cannot create paintings on my own. I need an instructor, after all the strokes, the water and mixing, I love the results.
  20. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise. Our bodies are our temples.
  21. Harry Potter. HP Geek.
  22. Vincent Van Gough
  23. Herb gardening.
  24. Crockpot cooking- Easy Peasy!
  25. Flowers.
  26. DIY bath and body products, I like to make my own bath bombs, body scrubs, foot soaks, moisturizers and etc. I like the idea of knowing what I am putting on my body and into my body it is empowering to be able to make your own products and not


27. Essential oils. Essential oils have changed my life. I only use Young living oils, 100% therapeutic grade oils.  I take zero over the counter medications, thanks to Young Living Essential oils.  So instead of reaching in the medicine cabinet for a man-made remedy just to put a band-aid on my ailment I reach for oil.oils.png

28. Sci-Fi Movies. Some of my favs are all Star Wars movies, Galaxy Quest, E.T., and Close Encounters of the Third Kind to name a few.

29. The Wizard of Oz.

30. Beaches.

31. Spending time outdoors in nature.

32. Being alone.

33. Tacos.

34. Snow.

35. Christmas.

36. Pumpkins.

37. Halloween.

38. Fall. The air is crisp and the leaves are changing into beautiful colors.

39. Traveling.

40. Green tea.

41. Starbucks. A Flat white coffee with coconut milk. Please!

42. Water parks, lazy rivers and wave pools.

43. Dream-catchers. I love to look at them, and get inspired to make them.dreamcatcher

44. Volunteering.

45. Giving and blessing others, it truly is one of the best feelings ever to bless someone and give to someone in need.

46. Nice genuine people.

47. Head-gear. I have an addiction to head-gear bands.headgear.jpg

48. Happy mail.

49. Cupcakes.cupcake

50. Baseball. Texas Rangers

So there you have it here is my list. Leave me some comments about what makes you happy!


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