“Are you a scuvy elephant?”

I was once called a “scurvy elephant” by someone who I have great respect, the respect for this person because she had mad skills in life, to me she is living her life with purpose and a plan.

I was puzzled, confused thinking  “what does scurvy elephant mean, why did this person who I had deep respect call me a “scurvy elephant?”  I am sure my face showed the sign of confusion- lots of brow squeezing as I asked her “What is a scurvy elephant?”  Her reply “Look it up,”she said.  That- simple as that, “look it up.”

My curiosity was piqued, and I was anxious to find this out- “what is the definiton of a  scurvy elepephant?” Good  ol’ GOOGLE to rescue.

After Googling and a little bit of research on my part, the mystery was solved.

In my own words the definition of a scurvy elephant is someone who pushes the status quo, is a disturbing element (scurvy elephant/disturbing elephant, you see how these two phrases are similar and can be misunderstood?) A scurvy elephant is also someone who is somewhat of a rebel and welcomes the challenges of being shaken to think differently than others.

What a compliment, I thought!

This “scurvy elephant” couldn’t be more close to being true and so very me.

I have never been a follower of the status quo, I have never followed ideas or thoughts or issues that were considered popular, I was a “pot stirrer” in a sense, but not in the negative connotation that you may be thinking, at least to me, I approached things as positively as possible, this “stirring of the pot” would be done to right something that had been wronged and for things to be just.

I would like to share with you my plan for this blog, My plan is to blog about things that are thought-provoking, my plan is to blog about things that I have a passion – soapbox passion.

Basically in a nutshell, thought-provoking topics, topics that inspire, topics that are helpful, things that I have tried in my  life that have worked to help me live a better life, topics of course, that are fun-an occasional recipe, craft, a guest blogger-this is my plan for this blog to be helpful, uplifting and fun.

No worries I won’t go all “scurvy elephant” on you,  my hope is for you to enjoy the content and that this blog page inspires you.

To live, not to conform to the status quo, break out of your circle by daring greatly, push the status quo, not be like everyone else and encourage a catalyst environment for innovation, last but not least, to live your best life.


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